Rabu, 24 September 2008

Human Is Not The Only Creature Stressed By Social Rank - Baboons Do


Are you suffering from stress in workplace, and your co-worker hs the same stress pattern with you?
You're boss can regularly go to vacation and looks happier, and you can't do just like him?

Thanks gee, science has proved that you're not the only one facing this stress pattern - baboons do, just like us, human. Neurobiologist from Stanford University Robert Sapolsky has been decoding the mystery of stress level among baboons population in Kenya. Baboons has been known as aggressive and wild, and have social rank in their population, just like human.

Sapolski has found that baboon's rank as leader or follower had a direction link to their stress hormones in its system. He discoverd that male baboons with lower social rank had higher heart rate and higher blood pressure, while dominant male baboons had the lowest stress level.

"Basically if you're a stressed unhealthy baboon in a typical troop, you have an immune system that doesn't work as well. Your brain chemistry is one that bears some similarity to what you see in clinically depressed humans." Sapolsky said. "They're not being stressed by lions chasing them all the time. They are being stressed by each other. They're a perfect model for westernized stress related disease."

Stress pattern in baboons population have a significant similarities to stress pattern in human population. Baboons with lower hierarchy had higher health risk, and the same thing happened in us, human society.

This finding suggested that lack of appreciation and reward leads to higher health risk in submissive groups in populatin. To solve this social problems, researcher suggested us to give more involvement and reward in work. That's sound nice, maybe you can send this posting to your boss and ask for salary rising...

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