Senin, 08 September 2008

"New Attraction" In Japan Zoo : Green Polar Bears

Polar bears are white colored animal, so they could blend to their inhabitant in snowy area. So, if they caged outside their inhabitant, is it possible for them to have other colors?

Yes, you could go to Japan to watch these green-colored polar bears. Since July, three polar bears in Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Japan changed their color to green, after swimming in a pond at their cage with an overgrowth of algae.

Sure many visitors amazed to see how the bears has changed "green". "Visitors seem to be shocked by the color, and we are asked every day why they are so green," said Masaru Kurobe, the zoo official. Kurobe said they expected their color will return to their normal color in November, when the algae growth subsides.

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