Selasa, 12 Agustus 2008

The Next Step to Create Invisible Man

My little nephew was once had fantasy about being invisible. My nephew was 4 years old, now 7 years old and had forgotten about it. But thanks to some geeky adults, now my nephew's dream is getting closer to reality.

Scientists team at Berkeley University, unsurprisingly sponsored by US military, have invented a material that can bend light around small objects - in other words, it makes the object invisible. This new material have ability to to control the direction of light travels, so just move the light direction from subject's eyes and... Voila, the object is invisible now!

Xiang Zhang, head of scientist team, feels that it can used to bending light from larger object, so the object will be invisible for some time.

Looks like we're entering invisible man era... But I have one question in my mind.
Will they have to wear clothes?

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