Rabu, 27 Agustus 2008

R2D2 Mini Fridge To Accompany Star Wars Addict

Are we entering Star Wars era?
No, we are only welcoming our new movie-watching mate, R2D2 Mini Refrigerator.

Yes, now you can have your own R2D2 like what you see on movie, but you can't talk or have it dance like Asimo. Actually it's only a cute mini refrigerator with warm and cold option. Oh did I said cute? Yes. Some says Yoda is more awesome, but we won't see Yoda staring next to us as refrigerator, right? Mini? I won't have a giant R2D2 in my house, it will scares my cat. Although it's only 64cm tall, it's suitable enough to keep your drinks. You can set it cold to cooling your Cola, or set it warm to boil your friend's beer.

And how about a price? Its price is quite striking, $1070 and you can have it here. Too pricy? Not for a Star Wars addict. Yes if you already have an Asimo to accompany you watching Ugly Betty.

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